2017 IACP Podcast

This is a podcast of a discussion held at the 2017 IACP Conference. https://bit.ly/2F3WbGS It is an episode of the show "Dog Training Conversations", a podcast of discussions by Chad Mackin and Jay Jack. ( http://chadmackindogtraining.libsyn.com/ ) Chad's website can be found at www.packtobasics.net…

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Ep0002: Tecla Walton

Mark McCabe chats with Tecla Walton of Tecla's K9 in Elkridge, MD about how she became a dog trainer, her work with service dogs, her competitive sport training, and her experience with TBTE. Listen to the Podcast here. Learn more about Tecla's K9 Academy: http://teclask9academy.com/

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Ep0001: TBTE Podcast, Changing Perceptions

“Thank you for allowing me to get to know my dog”, Bob Parris. This is a recurring theme that trainers & clients feel as they learn about TBTE. In this episode Mark McCabe & Stephanie Klingenberg talk with other trainers about how TBTE has…

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Mark McCabe on the Vermont Dog Trainer Podcast!

We're so excited to share this discussion with Mark McCabe on the Vermont Dog Trainer Podcast! Ian Grant, The Vermont Dog Trainer and host of the podcast, has a great series of interviews with dog trainers from all over the country. We're excited to be included in…

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Research about what dogs can understand

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights new findings in research about what dogs can understand and how much they can understand. The concept of communication with dogs is a crucial part of the TBTE philosophy. Stephanie writes more about that below. ******…

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Is your dog an optimist?

Is Your Dog an Optimist? One of the biggest areas of challenge for pet owners and trainers is dealing with dogs who are fearful, anxious or aggressive. It is very common for me to meet with a client or talk to another trainer and…


2015 IACP Podcast

Mark participated on a podcast yesterday at the 2015 IACP with some of dog training's finest: Chad Mackin, Jay Jack, Marc Goldberg, and Heather Beck. Their conversation covered a number of topics such as working with packs and working with difficult dogs. Take a…

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