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2017 IACP Podcast

This is a podcast of a discussion held at the 2017 IACP Conference. It is an episode of the show “Dog Training Conversations”, a podcast of discussions by Chad Mackin and Jay Jack.
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Chad’s website can be found at and Jay’s website is

The podcast is about 2 hrs long. Feel free to listen to the whole thing but the part that we’ve posted this here for is the part where Mark joins the conversation and talks about the roles of images, thoughts and emotions in trained behavior, in the case related to recalls. Mark starts talking at about 1:08:30 but the topic he’s responding to really begins at about 0:58:00. If you really want more of an express listen the direct question that Mark is responding to and the discussion about it starts at about 1:01:00.

We hope you find this a worthwhile listen.