Canine Behaviorist Mark McCabe specializes in helping even the most difficult dogs learn to become the wonderful family members their owners always hoped they would be.

Mark has over twenty five years of experience working with dogs which others have written off. Many of the dogs he works with have been through other training programs, been on medication, their owners may have read a virtual library of training books, watched hours of TV dog trainers and yet still not found the keys to resolving their pet's problems. Often these dogs have come from shelters , rescue groups or otherwise been through multiple homes. Often their owners have been told by trainers, family members or a veterinarian that they need to euthanize their dog because there is no hope for it or that the animal is not safe.

With good cooperation and effort from the owners Mark is consistently able to help them turn these situations around and not only have an animal which they can live with but  to truly bring joy into the relationship for both the dog and the owner.

While almost any training will help improve an average dog for those who have issues with anxiety, fear, hyperactivity, pronounced lack of self control or aggression (and many have several or all of these issues) many, perhaps most training programs either make only marginal changes or sometimes even seem to make matters worse. Often  people with difficult dogs speak of success from the training or medicine they have tried in terms of minor improvement over fairly long periods of time. Mark's clients consistently write and talk of very substantial improvements made remarkably quickly. In fact, it is common place for clients to comment that their dogs made improvements during the first session with Mark which had proven impossible over months or years and often lots of money spent on other training or medicine.

Is your dog's behavior causing problems for both of you? Have you actually considered giving her up or even the heartbreaking possibility of euthanasia? Have hope, Mark has a very long and consistent record of turning around even the most difficult and seemingly hopeless animals.
Your dog's not that bad? Great, it will be that much easier to help you!

Come on inside and find out more about how Canine Behaviorist Mark McCabe can help you and your dog have the love affair you had in mind when you got him or her.....