About TBTE


Mark McCabe has been involved with animals and interested in their behavior as far back as anyone who knows him can remember.

While in High School Mark became the curator of a large collection of animals in a very innovative and cutting edge biology department at his school, often taking field trips to collect, photograph and study these animals. This interest also led to Mark becoming involved in The Massachusetts Herpetological Society, a group of both lay and professional people interested in reptiles and amphibians. At age 17 Mark became the youngest ever board member of the society as it's Vice President.

One of the offshoots of this was Mark meeting and making friends with a number of professionals within the Boston Museum of Science as well as the Boston Zoological Society. Upon graduation Mark was offered a position as a behavioral research assistant at the Walter D. Stone Memorial Zoo. In this position Mark learned to take his already well developed observational skills with animals and begin to apply them to actually diagnosing and solving animal behavioral problems in the zoo setting.
With limited resources but nearly unlimited access to the animals Mark was able to be a part of coming up with some simple and very effective solutions to problems as serious as animals killing their babies or injuring themselves.
Mark left the zoo to pursue an interest in marine fish and reef keeping as well as the breeding and care of exotic reptiles and amphibians, owning two pet stores at different times including the well known Green Iguana Reptile Specialty Store.
In both of these ventures Mark explored cutting edge habitat design and the captive culture of animals which previously had been considered difficult or impossible to keep and reproduce, even in zoos, and helped teach others how to successfully do the same. Mark developed a very successful offshoot of installing and maintaining beautiful aquatic and terrestrial habitats in private homes, offices and retail locations.
While developing his first pet store Mark had the good fortune of meeting a very talented local dog trainer who specialized in working with problem dogs as well as training civilian dogs for police type work.
From the first exposure Mark had to this work he was hooked, dogs just struck a note with him that never stopped. An interest in competitive sports combined with his keen interest in animal behavior and shaping led Mark to get involved in competitive K-9 protection sports such Schutzhund, NAPD, PSA and others. These sports are basically competitive events for police and civilians which test dogs in very high level tracking, obedience and protection exercises.
Mark went on to win three national championships as well as many large individual events in these types of sports with a number of different dogs of several different breeds including Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Malinios. Most of the dogs Mark has competed with have been dogs someone else had given up due to problems with training which they were unable to solve.
Mark has also helped a number of other people on their journey to winning large events, including national championships.
More importantly, early on veterinarians and other trainers who were familiar with some of Mark's accomplishments and innovative insights started asking if he could help clients of theirs who had very challenging situations.
Mark took the lessons he had learned from training and studying under top level American and European competitive trainers, the lessons he had learned from working with exotic animals both at his stores and the zoo as well as what he had learned through many, many hours of seminars and hands on work with well known modern behaviorists and trainers. With this unique combination of technical understanding of behavior and hands on experience Mark was consistently able to help dogs and owners whom others had not been able to help.
As Mark got more involved with pet dogs he started attending  more and more seminars and symposia, always thirsty for knowledge. Often he would  find himself being as much a teacher as a student due to the interest of other professionals in his unique perspectives and techniques. This was particularly true regarding the behavior of the most anxious and troubled dogs.
Over the past 25+ years Mark has always been open minded and innovative in his approach to helping animals and the humans who love them. While moving forward and learning from the latest in science, research and field work he has never been fooled by fad or forgotten that one should never throw the baby out with the bath water, keeping what works and including anything which works better.
Mark continues to be active in learning as well as teaching about the behavior of animals and how we can help them cope with the often odd and stressful world we bring them into.