About Mark McCabe

Mark McCabe is a Canine Behaviorist who works in the DC/Baltimore area. He has been working with dogs for over 27 years and specializes in dogs with severe behavioral problems. Mr. McCabe has a background in exotic as well as domestic animals. He has experience as a behavioral research assistant at the Walter D. Stone Memorial Zoo in Massachusetts.

Mr. McCabe has competed successfully in a number of K9 sports including schutzhund, PSA and other K9-related sports. He has personally won and coached others to win national-level events with a focus on dogs working correctly with a high attitude and appropriate social skills on and off the field. He also has a very long track record of helping sport or protection dogs with serious performance problems, including severe handler aggression, repressed drive, lack of engagement and significant skill regression. He has often been able to help owners get engagement and success from dogs which other trainers have said couldn’t work due to drive or confidence issues.

He is also one of the more accomplished and involved trainers of the SATS method (Syn Alia training system) and has a great focus on training through communication and using relaxation as an adjunct to easier learning and good behavior on the part of dogs.